Farcheese Powder: Stunningly Delicious!

Yes, that’s right. Try this awesome cheese powder by yourself! Ask more if you can’t get enough of it! Of course, we are here to provide more and more of it throughout Malaysia. 100% Halal.

What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

We sell this product through offline and online, available only in Malaysia!

  • We will try our best to expand our delivery to the other country and also will update as soon as possible.
  • We accept Maybank2U and PayPal for the moment and will add more in the future. Expect us!

Get It Before Anyone Else! See the price below!

Affordable and can be bought as low as 200g per packet. Buy this cheese powder now! We accept payment through PayPal and the local bank.

Great mix of ingredients

This cheese powder is produced by a lot of great ingredients and try it by yourself to see how awesome it is!

  • Be noted that this powder does not use any coloring agent, that’s why Farcheese is a great product!
  • Nacheeose is one of the ingredients, not the Jalapeno type.
  • Extracted onion is used in the process of this powder to expand the expiry date much longer and thankfully, its also provide the orange-ish colour for the powder.

Simply order, pay and deliver. A few light steps and Farcheese will be yours. Do read below to know how you can order this great product from us.

  • E-mail: Send to farcheese@farzli.com your full name, mobile number, address, proof of payment (e.g receipts, reference number).
  • E-commerce: Fill all required fields in the form by clicking the button below.

We recommending you to order Farcheese with our e-commerce, much faster and efficient. Invoice of order and receipts of payment will be sent to your email inbox.

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